Supporting the Colour Manufacturer

“Why continue to lose profits by going through middle men to sell
the product you’ve created?”

A snapshot of just some of the issues you may face as a colour manufacturer

  • Difficulties finding out exactly what your customers want.
  • Difficulties finding new customers.
  • Frustrations in not being able to nurture and grow your own sales relationships and development.
  • Difficulties in forecasting due to a lack of a direct relationship with customers.
  • Barriers in finding where the most fertile markets are.
  • Cashflow issues due to having no direct contact point for invoicing.
  • Third parties creating preferential pricing, therefore reducing your profit potential.
  • Lack of control over your own sales pipeline.

Cathay Gateway can help with all these issues whilst not only stopping the flow of wasted profits but also helping you to develop your sales pipeline more than you have ever been able to.

We’ll do this by putting you in direct contact with the most relevant buyers, by showing you where the best markets are and by cutting out all the unnecessary steps, people and processes that prevent you from dealing direct with your market.




Let Cathay Gateway make colour transparent for you
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