About Cathay Gateway

“Over 25 years of experience on both sides of the colour market has given us the power to help you increase profitably like never before”

Because those 25 years have been spent buying, sourcing, selling and producing millions of dollars worth of print, we know your markets inside out.

We know:

  • the right manufacturers
  • all the loopholes
  • where to trade
  • where the best trading terms are
  • who can deliver
  • where the right quality is

And we can make sure that you know all this too, so that you:

  • get the job done right
  • improve your efficiency
  • identify new markets
  • identify the right suppliers and/or markets
  • reduce costs
  • save money
  • remain consistently legally compliant
  • solve all your logistics, distribution and warehousing issues
  • can easily arrange regional and Government funding support
  • can recruit/ arrange the right interim management support

“Cathay Gateway does not charge a fee for consultation, instead we pride ourselves on being paid to get you results that far exceed your investment”

Furthermore, Cathay Gateway does not charge an ongoing fee for any introductions we make for you. Instead, we step away from the process after leaving you with a far more robust network of professional services that will enable you to do all this again and again without any further need for our support.

We are based in Leeds, UK and work globally with colour manufacturers and buyers to help both sides take full control of their business distribution from start to finish.


Mark Armitage
Managing Director

With over a quarter of a century of experience in the colour industry, Mark has been both on the buying and selling side, together with running multiple production operations around the world, being responsible for the design and manufacture of leading-edge technology and saving companies many millions of dollars. In brief, Mark’s experience includes:

  • Technical lab operations
  • Factory Quality Assurance
  • Running multiple production facilities across different sites
  • Industry specific product knowledge
  • Accurate prediction of market trends
  • Expertise in design of manufacturing equipment
  • Raw materials sourcing globally
  • Training from factory floor to senior management
  • Experience of selling and buying in a global market

Today, Mark heads up a team of consultants all dedicated to helping manufacturers and buyers operate far more efficiently, save and make more money.


“We’re here to get
both users and
manufacturers a better
price – and we’re
completely transparent
about how we do it
– a win, win situation
for all in the colour


Let Cathay Gateway make colour transparent for you
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